Premiere Of Florian Willeitner’s „Violinkonzert Nr.1“

My violinconcerto was premiered in the Wiener Musikverein on December 10th, 20h.

I do hardly have words for this event.

It is the dream of many composers to have a piece premiered at this majestic and prestigious venue, and I still cant believe I have been chosen to be one of those lucky dreamers…

I had the best and most valuable friends and musicians to help me bring this piece into life, naming

Benjamin Schmid playing the solopart, Ariel Zuckermann conducting, and the Tonkünstlerorchester Niederösterreich.

I want to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart, and include all my friends and family, who supported me and gave me the inspiration to do this, Ivan and Maria from my New Piano Trio, who keep working with me on my vision of contemporary music for more than two years now (we are just about to release our first CD „np3“), Georg Breinschmid, Johannes Dickbauer and Matthias Bartholomey from my quartet „Strings&Bass, who do the same and are the living proof that polyphone oddmeter grooves are possible and can sound as natural as a Wiener Walzer.

There is one person who has become more important than anything else for me. I want to thank her for providing me with the irreplacable feeling of having someone who understands every single little part of your soul. This feeling was and is the necessary background for me to be able to be a creator.
You are the most beautiful person in the world.
Thank you, V.