POI Roadstory: Collaboration Florian Willeitner with Duo Ganesh Kumaresh (INDIA)

A unique musical venture to explore innovative possibilities in cross-cultural collaboration of Indian and Western classical instrumental music.

With Violin, the most versatile instrument in both Western and Indian classical music traditions as the basis, one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed Indian violinists, Ganesh- Kumaresh duo will collaborate with award-winning German violinist and composer Florian Willeitner in an exclusive concert accompanied by Indian percussionists.

Ganesh – Kumaresh, the dynamic violin duo are among the leading exponents of Carnatic violin with their impeccable and remarkable technique both in playing the instrument and in interpreting the musical forms and are also most recognized for collaborative music.

With over four decades of performance history, their ability to play across genres allows a rarely seen global appeal for their music. The other dimensions of the artists include Music Direction, Production and Acting. Their deep-rooted strength in playing Carnatic Music the traditional way has made them

the favorites with purists as well as the uninitiated. Their strict adherence to classicism and innovative approach in presentation has earned them appreciation across the globe. Having performed in several top notch global festivals, their creative idiom is international in nature. They have been awarded the Sangeeth Natak Akademi Award for 2018.

Florian Willeitner is an award-winning German violinist, composer, arranger and founder of the artistic collective Pool of Invention. His works are performed at Musikverein Vienna, Festspielhaus Salzburg, Berlin Philharmonie, Bachfest Stuttgart and received great reviews. He writes for famous orchestras and soloists and is frequently performing with his various groups both at classical and jazz festivals throughout the globe.

Florian has a keen interest in exploring world folk music and traveled widely to Ireland, France, USA, Cuba, Bulgaria and Brazil. He is a Masters in classical violin with honors from University Mozarteum Salzburg. Florian is an arranger for classical music, jazz, pop, folk and classical ‘E-Musik’. His pieces have been premiered in some of Europe’s most prestigious festivals.

This international TRIO are going to present an originally created Indo-Western classical violin extravaganza especially for music connoisseurs of Chennai.