#POIsessions / The POI Headquarter (feat. First Strings On Mars)


The POI Headquarter is a little garden studio in the woods, which is working space and spiritual home for many POI Artists.
Many POI projects are born and developed here.

This video was shot in October 2018 during a rehearsal period of First Strings On Mars. It features one of their first takes on Florian Willeitner’s piece “Impression on Fragile”, an hommage to the great artist STING.

The actual studio room was still in a very early shape back then. It has now grown a fully equipped homestudio to produce high quality video/audio-recordings surrounded by beautiful nature.

Music by Florian Willeitner
performed by First Strings On Mars
Florian Willeitner, violin
Igmar Jenner, violin
Georg Breinschmid, doublebass